TOCK | game-board by Albert van Dorssen

TOCK | game-board by Albert van Dorssen

€130.00 (VAT exclusive)

TOCK is a strategic and addictive board game which is played by two teams of two people. TOCK is a game with marbles and cards. Each team tries to bring as fast as possible his own marbles in its home harbor. Meanwhile they try to prevent the opponents do likewise. The modern design of TOCK by Albert van Dorssen was successfully released in 2005. TOCK truly provides you with lifelong enjoyment with friends and family.




The TOCK game board is made out of full transparent Plexiglas. The game comes with transparent marbles having colors red, yellow, green and blue.
TOCK’s timeless and transparent design fits perfectly into every home environment.
Inclusive accessories:
- Solid and organized storage box
- Deck of playing cards
- Game rules
- TOCK explanation cards (4)




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