Strategic service
AVD is front runner in the field of strategic concept development. AVD offers a clear process for creating a powerful strategy for product development. Starting a strategic project can have different reasons. There can be a need for a refreshment of vision, a company merger or new venture, a competitor move challenging market share, obsolete technology or new legislation. These situations can all be urgent reasons for a new strategy.

AVD helps organistions to strengthen their vision and to develop strategic concepts. This is done in teams. AVD offers a process, does research, guides brainstorm sessions, links knowledge to ideas, and provides design stimulus. Results: Sharpened goals, concepts, designs, an integral strategic plan with NPV estimates.

Casestudies strategic service
Product-Market-Technology scan
Goals and ideas lead to broad visualization of innovation themes.
Strategic Concept Making (SCM)
Multidisciplinary expert teams create strategic concepts.
NPV-planning and R&D roadmap making
NPV forecasts lead to integral R&D planning of short term and long term development (NPV > net profit volume)